I started my adventure with photography when I was 14… well – 10. I got my first camera for birthday, and my first portrait ended up headless…So it was said ‘you definitely won’t be a photographer’.   Although as I liked it at 17,  I started earning on photos freelancing for various individual clients and SME’s.

I am specialized in people photography, including fashion, boudoir, newborns, families and metamorphosis. However as market and high demand on my services enlarged – I cover also properties and commercial photography for companies, sometimes doing travel reportage for  magazines. I have got on my account couple of exhibitions: group and single ones. I am a member of Royal Photographic Society (RPS); and a Society of Portrait and Wedding Photographers (SWPP), currently preparing to earn Fellowship in Travel Photography from RPS and Associate from SWPP.

I have got also  an academic degree (boring bits): MA in Global Media from Westminster University, BA from Digital Media and Communication from Lower Silesia University (backed up with a scholarship in Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences, where I mastered digital art) and…as if it wouldn’t be enough – degree from Visual Advertising. Yet – it is photography that makes me happy! That’s why I finally got courage to open my own studio and proceed with it, leaving other projects to my devoted employees.

I will be happy to ‘freeze the perfect moment’ of your life – as my favorite master photographer – Henri Cartier Bresson stated. I hope you like my works – and if you do – let me help you remember those amazing moments of your life!

Remember – ‘un-photogenic models don’t exist, but photographers do.’

Come on! Let’s create something, not pretty, not ‘wow’, but something unforgettable and breath-taking!


How do I work

 I work with Nikon camera bodies and bright Nikkor lenses: 50mm, 60mm micro, 24-70mm, 70-300mm and 18 -105mm. I am using professional studio lamps, tripods, backdrops, beanbags and studio accessories. When it comes to software – I work specifically on Adobe with images (Photoshop, Lightroom, Bridge, Illustrator, After Effects etc) and Corel when it comes to graphic design and vectors.

Photographers work is not only limited to time spent with client and while ‘shooting’ in studio or outdoor. I am saving all the files in a specific format to have them ready for post-production process, where I am able to develop digital negative of our work – correcting white balance, contrast, sharpening, blurring. The next level of post-production reaches subtle graphic correction, where every photo is gaining some personal touches – it is also the level of artistic creation. At the end of the post-production process image is ready to be delivered straight to your hands, either in a lovely box with a flash drive, or DVD or just online transfer.

When and how will you have your images

I am reserving 2 weeks for post-production process after the day of the photo-session.
As I have sessions pre-booked upfront for weeks or months, and they depend on my clients – I would advise to book them as soon as you can. I am always trying to meet the expectations and try to add short sessions even during my busiest periods – but I cannot guarantee.

Images are delivered to you via my website: www.annaklesse.com where at the end of the menu you can find ‘Clients Login’ where you will have your own password to view samples of your photos. I am limiting the selection for you to not have multiple similar shots; however I like to leave you freedom to select them, so you won’t be limited to 3-5 only. You will have a choice, depending on the package – 3/5/10/15/20 photos can be included in the price, but all the rest that you will like – you are more than welcome to add to your package, so you can even take them all! Actually many clients are so happy with the results that they do purchase more of them, after all it is once in a while kind of service not a usual ‘shopping list’.


12.2012 – ”Poor vs Rich” – Nigeria project

11.2009 – „100% femininity” – Small Gallery Gniezno

02.2007 – annual group exhibition with GAFA

05.2006 – “My eyes bright open” – CEG, Gniezno

02.2006 – annual group exhibition with GAFA


‘Poor vs Rich’ – Nigerian Elites versus ‘Common Man’ (in progress)

‘Beautiful Dorset People’ (in progress)

 ‘Mirage’ – Cultural changes and appearance (in progress)

‘100% femininity’ (finished with exhibition in 2009)