Photographing new-born’s is very special both for a photographer having such a tiny, little model; for this model and for its parents. It requires complete adjustment to the model. We can’t measure the session by timeframe, the duration completely depends from a child. There might be a need to stop, calm down or feed a child. The most important factor is to be sensitive and carrying towards the child, my priority is to create comfort and complete safety during the session. I am a mother myself and I am fully aware that your little one is your most important treasure.

It is best to book a session before the little one arrives, and best to do it during first two weeks of child’s life. That’s the period when a newborn sleeps most of the time and is very flexible, so it’s easy to put him/her in an embryonic position.

Our tiny newborn should be fully relaxed, so the atelier will be heated properly in order to create warm – womb environment.

I am preparing for every session additional accessories and add-ons (baskets, buckets, wooden bed, sailing boat, soft blankets, unique hats, rompers or headbands and flowers for girls).

If you have any questions or doubts- please feel free to ask anytime 🙂